A Truly Shared Love (trailer)

UHD video, 5'20''
Production: La Villa du Parc, Annemasse, FR
He looks at her, eyes enamored. She looks at him later, while he is asleep. A cat basks in the bed. Can we imagine greater sweetness? Revisiting the fantasy of shared love, the artist duo Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion makes a five-minute video looking like the trailer of a love movie: theirs. Shot in their studio - remodeled for the occasion in a setting of extreme neutrality - the video follows the demanding specifications of Shutterstock, a platform that sells images and videos to professionals of all kinds ... Hence the smooth appearance and impeccable rigor of the plans. The objective: winning acceptance by the platform, currently examining and publishing each shot. To do this, in addition to their work on aesthetics, they have provided free spaces that will allow potential customers to slip their advertising within the film itself: this is why the characters work on computers with a green background, on which the camera zooms in a long time. As such, the images give a vertiginous impression of emptiness, factitious life, organized according to unbearable standards - to be happy, it would be necessary to be young, white, heterosexual, in a relationship, thin, beautiful ... And yet. Some clues, slipped here and there, instil a touch of malice and intimacy at the very heart of neutrality. Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion have indeed asked three artists to create works inserted throughout the film: a tapestry and a drawing of Jimmy Beauquesne, a black jacket of Ludovic Sauvage, and the poster of the film, by Yannis Pérez. Above all, they are truly in pairs, and in love - impossible not to feel it during the kissing scene, pure flash of sensuality. They try to invite a little of their private life and their art to the heart of Internet standards [...]".
(Maïlys Celeux-Lanval, “De l’amour en stock”, Beaux-Arts Magazine, November 2018)

Featuring works by Jimmy Beauquesne and Ludovic Sauvage
Movie posters by Yannis Pérez

(views of the work at la Villa du Parc : Aurélien Mole)
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A Truly Shared Love
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