Generative video, website, 9'58''
Production: La Villa du Parc, Annemasse, FR
b0mb is an online generative video, renewed at each viewing and accessible via a dedicated website. With an intense rhythm, it presents a montage of hundreds of images of all kinds from the internet, displayed on a musical soundtrack where one can hear the voice of Gregory Corso reading his poem Bomb (1958).
Declaration of love to the most terrible technology and metaphor of human self-destructive nature, the poem has a wide variety of lexical fields giving it an almost universal dimension. Figure of the Beat Generation, Corso seeks to produce here a poetry where the sentences would be without perspective, building his text via a juxtaposition of keywords “against” each other. The artists then performed a work of “writing reduction”, filtering and rewriting the poem in order to translate its content into queries for search engine such as Google Image. Each image visible in b0mb thus comes automatically from the result of one of these queries, selected according to popularity algorithms and displayed synchronously with the stated text, on a predefined editing. If the duration and the sound remain fixed, the images are renewed on each viewing, evolving little by little in the time, over the news.
Because of the great diversity of subjects covered in the poem and the heterogeneous nature of the images (amateur photographs, commercials, cliparts, press, definition variations, etc.), the work reveals a kind of snapshot of web culture. By a frantic sequence of indifferently innocuous, beautiful or terrible images, they also account for the violence that can emerge from it.

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(views of the work at la Villa du Parc : Aurélien Mole)
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