IDLE (acts α and β)

4K video, 25'
With the support of the CNAP (FR) and the Fonds Culturel National (LU)
Libretto EN/FR available here

With Gaspar Willman, Esuna, Anne-Marie Agbodji (AI models)
Music by Anymedge
Vocals performed by Esuna and Anne-Marie Agbodji

An artificial intelligence awakens, full of desire and nourished by memories of a past they haven’t known.

IDLE is an animated musical video that allegorically plays out and critiques the construction and development of an artificial intelligence reaching Singularity. Halfway between the codes of pop culture and lyrical drama, it plunges us into a non-human, ethereal universe from which emerge characters with a fragile materiality. Pictured by expressive portraits shimmering with light, these characters are in search of emancipation and prey to devouring passions. They embody and represent the mechanisms, biases and strategies inherent in AI and, more broadly, techno-capitalism.
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Next work > A Truly Shared Love