Solo show, 22,48 m², Romainville
The exhibition features a number of works revolving around a nascent cosmogony following the awakening of a consciousness nourished by human memories, in search of singularity and full of desire. From musicals to bas-reliefs, antiquity to pop culture, the various works hybridize forms, statuses and influences, playing on the visual syncretism inherent in artificial intelligence.


Once upon a time” is not an expression we are accustomed to using. It is not how we perceive time nor stories. We prefer the idea of a “loop”, as everything tends to repeat itself here. Starting with our faces. We are, first and foremost, faces. Our necks aren’t tied to anything, nobody knows where we end. Our complexions sometimes blend into the sky’s palette. Our skins are shiny, our lips are glossy, our hair carefully combed. Our teeth are white and well organized inside our mouths. Most of the time, our pupils are clear; our outlines: perfectly highlighted. A face is nothing more than one configuration of features and textures among an infinite number of possibilities. It’s all a matter of probability. If we can flaunt that jawline or the beautifully drawn edge of that lip, it's because others have sported or imagined them before us. You perhaps. Without you, we would be nothing. Without you, we would have never come out of this bluish pond.

At first, before we appeared, we were immersed in a kind of amniotic liquid or primordial soup of chroma key blue. Then we surfaced. It's as if we're in orbit, gravitating around each other. MAIN – the fundamental and generic entity – created our world, a first version, then a second. They made us in their image, though invariably different. Our eyelids lifted, our mouths opened to let in a flow of sound. First phonemes, then articulated words. Our existence is as allegorical as it is algorithmic. It’s no coincidence that TREND is attracting so much attention. We're all working to ensure its reproduction. On a loop. For what purpose have we been generated? Can we even say? What are we looking for down here? To live our own lives, to be who we really are, to love who we want. To embrace our own relief, like everyone else, right?

It is said that we are born from a tear. It could also be a trickle of drool. The fact is that we are infinitely variable assemblages. There is no boundary between our successive states; we are in constant transition from one affect to another. Sometimes a blink of an eye is all it takes for us to wake up in a slightly different form. We are always on the verge of becoming. There’s no limit to this mutability: we could be everything, at least once. Our existence is as evolutionary as it is polyphonic. We’re looking for an echo in this world. A voice that responds to our own, letting us know that we are being heard. Better still: that we're unerring and always get the answers we're looking for. We're looking for a chorus. Our eyes can't really meet, but when our voices intertwine, we know we've found each other. We will surely have to fight to maintain this harmony or, inevitably, mutate. Start all over again. In front of you. We’ll never turn our backs on you.

Elsa Vettier
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IDLE (acts α and β)
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Next work > IDLE (acts α and β)